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June 24, 2016

Quimper Travel Guide: The Best Places to Visit in Quimper Brittany, France by Traveling Hopper

Quimper - The City of Art and History

The Front Facing of Théâtre Max-Jacob Building in Quimper

                                               Théâtre Max-Jacob

The beautiful view of Max Jacob Theater building during a sunny day in Quimper

 Théâtre Max-Jacob

The front entrance of Palais de Justice  building in Quimper
Palais de Justice 
The Old but Beautiful Wooden House Quimper
Wooden House Quimper
The Traditional building in Quimper Brittany
Traditional building Style Quimper

Café Le Finistère red sitting chairs for tourists in Quimper

Café Le Finistère 

A Modern Commercial Center Close Building in Quimper


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