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December 31, 2016

Netherlands Travel: Visiting Cheese Factory in Volendam

Photo Credit: Monnuage

Hi Friends, I am not big fan of cheese but i like if cheese is made with Honey, which is my favorite and i prefer cheese dipped in honey as a starter every day , i often use cheese this way otherwise i don’t think so that i love cheese very much. When i was in Netherlands for my official purpose than i also decided to visit some places in Netherlands, and Cheese Factory is also one of them. Let me tell you something about Dutch cheese and its history. The Dutch cheese history is very old , i don’t know exact date but according to research i found that they are making cheese hundreds of years before the Christ, to know more information and cheese producing procedure i decided to visit this cheese factory in Volendam, which is not very far away from Amsterdam, just 21 KM and 30 minute’s drive from the capital of Netherlands - Amsterdam. 

Due to its nice quality today Holland is the biggest cheese producer in Europe and also world largest cheese exporter. Cheese Factory Volendam is situated in the main city center of Volendam, which is a best tourist’s destination where you can walk without traffic problems and enjoy a lot of activities including, shopping, eating, and visiting a small island through boats or cruise ships. You will find a big piece wooden cheese, written Cheese Factory Volendam, having two main doors for entrance and exit. The entry is free so no need to ask for permission. Old Amsterdam is one of the best cheeses, started in the beginning of 19th century, made with cow's milk, having a deep yellow color and pleasant taste. This cheese has very high demand everywhere in Holland, and often shop-seller or guides recommends to all tourists to buy this cheese as a gift for their loves one. As i told you that i am not big fan of cheese but when i was asked to taste my answer was yes, and it was free as well; believe me i enjoyed the taste and smell both, you can taste anywhere in Amsterdam while visiting cheese shops, without paying any penny, if you want to buy any other cheese, taste before and then you can buy, its easy way to know that what you are buying is having a  good taste or not.

The most of cheese comes from cow's milk all over the world, and especially in Netherlands but i have seen people they love goat's cheese as well, especially in France people eat a lot of goat cheese every day with their lunch or dinner. I don't know what kind of problem i have with goat cheese, because i even cannot smell goat cheese. So i always prefer cow's cheese instead of goat's cheese while preparing or eating my food. This cheese Factory is very old and well maintained today for tourists, you will find its basement where workers are working with new machines and technology to make cheese and old historical equipment, machinery too; which was used to produce cheese from milk, and on its first floor you can buy and taste different type of cheese. In cheese factory Volendam you will find many shelves with different types of cheese, if you want to buy you can ,but if you are just visiting ,no problem still you can enjoy some free cheese, so dont forget to to taste before buying any cheese...Travelling Hopper  

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