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Located in Maricopa county, Gilbert is a beautiful town in central  Arizona. The city was incorporated on July 6, 1920. Gilbert used to export hay to the world and was known as the hay capital of the world. The town was a farming and agricultural area. It shifted to an economically diverse suburban community with all the innovations made with the help of technology.

Why is Gilbert Famous?

Due to tremendous development and upgrowth in lifestyle and facilities in the town, Gilbert is considered 2nd safest city and the 22nd best place in the country. With its clean, safe, and vibrant environment, it has become a favorite place for visitors to wander around. Following are the 10 best places in Gilbert you can explore;

1. Freestone District Park

Freestone park is a great choice to visit in Gilbert because it offers all types of recreational activities in one place. One can find basketball courts, a  kids' play area, a skate park, a mini train ride, and beautiful baseball fields in this wonderful landscape. Lush green trees and plants of the park render beautiful scenery for the eyes and a peaceful environment for the mind. This is an ideal place for a Barbecue party or a family picnic.

2. Gilbert Historical Museum

Once an elementary school in 1913, the building has now been converted into a museum. The history of residents, their struggles, and the 100-year-old classroom is depicted in 9 rooms of museums. The museum also tells the stories of world war II and shows the participation of Arizona during that time.

From a tourist point of view, it is very important to visit the museum of any town or city they are visiting because it gives a detailed insight into the history. While your visit to Gilbert, take time out to visit and explore this 100-year-old building to increase your knowledge about the town.

3. Gilbert   Arizona Temple

The recently built temple building is a beautiful and elegant white structure located in Gilbert Arizona. Visitors can have a walk around the temple and click some elegant pictures. The church alongside the temple is open for visitors. The priest and missionaries are present there to help visitors to answer different questions related to religion and history.

4. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

To save the ecological habitats and water reserves in the town of Gilbert, an official initiative was taken to preserve the natural resources. The riparian preserve at the water ranch almost covers 110 acres of land area .70 acres of the area is covered with 7 water preserves, that are saved for the future usage of town. The riparian word refers to any habitat that is near the water body. Gilbert has many riparian habitats like marshlands and upland vegetation is present here. This preserve has almost 298 species of birds. Insects, fishes, amphibians, and mammals are different types of species visitors can see here. Visitors can have a walk in the park alongside the beautiful lake and witness fishes and ducks in the lake.

The ethnobotanical garden, hummingbird garden, and butterfly garden are prominent features of the preserve.  Hilltop observatory gives a startling view of the area. Families can spend a pleasurable picnic day at this calm and serene place.

5. Gilbert Farmers Market 

Located in downtown Gilbert, this market is a year-round market that is open every Saturday. Almost 60 vendors in summer and 100 vendors in autumn, come here to sell their freshly grown fruits, vegetables, etc. To induce green living and a sustainable lifestyle in the people of Gilbert, this market focuses on the production of organic food. The customers can meet the farmers and have a one-on-one conversation about how the fruit is cultivated and harvested.

Farmers grow all the fruits and vegetables without using any pesticides or herbicides. Organic coffee, peanut butter, jams jellies, and bakery items all can be purchased from the market.

6. Hale Center Theater

A beautiful theater located in the downtown area of Gilbert presents the art and culture of the town in its professionally conducted shows. The shows presented here, are family shows and one can have a fun time in the theater with some great entertainment. The theater accommodates 350 people in a round-sitting arrangement. Children's shows are also presented here so, take your little ones to their favorite theater shows. Lucky stiff, wait until dark, and sister act are some fabulous theater shows presented here.

7. Western skies Golf club

To enjoy a nice game of Golf, you can visit this lush green golf club located in Gilbert. The Gold Club offers its facilities not only for members but for visitors also. With the lush green lawns of western skies golf club, you can practice by hitting the ball with a trainer. If you are a player you can have a great game with other players.

The golf club offers great food and beverages to its visitors. There is a noteworthy in-house restaurant known as Mulligans where you can have some toothsome meals.

8. Santan village shopping center

Shopaholics never miss a chance especially when they are on a vacation. SanTan village shopping center is a shopping heaven for shopaholics. This open-air shopping center has high-end shopping places like Apple and Nordstrom racks. variety of outlets is present here to shop for attire, footwear, and other accessories. You can also enjoy some appetizing food at renowned restaurants like Martini bar. Blue wasabi sushi and Grimaldi’s pizza.

9. Higley Center for Performing Arts

Higley center for the performing arts is located near the Santan shopping center, and has a well-constructed modern-style architectural building. The center organizes many dances, music, and cultural shows that are full of entertainment and joy for visitors. Musical evenings, night theater shows, and dance shows are held here to entertain visitors.

10. Downtown Gilbert 

A marketplace place that offers a huge variety of cuisines to its visitors. An enormous number of eateries, cafes, and snack bars make it a perfect choice for tourists to enjoy local and international food. One can enjoy Mexican, and Italian to local cuisines here within a close-knitted space. Many street musical bands perform in the area where you can sit with your family and friends and can spend your leisure time.


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