Visit Phoenix: Things to Do in Phoenix, Arizona

Being the capital of Arizona, the city of Phoenix is a great place to explore and visit. Phoenix is a metropolitan city offering a diversity of cultures with huge opportunities for people. This is the 5th most populous city in the United States. With multiple job opportunities and tourist attractions, Phoenix is always flooded with people around the year.

Why is Phoenix famous?

Phoenix is known as the “valley of the sun “ with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The city has deserts, mountains, and some beautiful parks to its credit. The warm climate of the city makes it a favorite destination for tourists to visit and enjoy multiple recreational activities. If you are about to plan your visit to this city, here we are listing 10 top-notch places you can have fun at while visiting Phoenix. Let’s dive in; 

1. Phoenix Zoo

The phoenix zoo was opened in 1962, the zoo has almost 125 acres of land area. The zoo is located within a huge Papago park. Zoo offers a great diversity of wildlife as it has 3,000 animals belonging to 400 different species. Animals include coyotes, cheetahs, komodo dragons, flamingos, Asian elephants, giraffes, and many more. Zoo offers great cafes, lush gardens, and beautiful soil and water landscapes where visitors can enjoy a tranquil day.

A 90-minute discovery tour is given to the visitors in an eco-friendly shuttle service to have a close look at the wild animals and their habitats. Zoo offers many events and projects to spread awareness about endangered and threatened species like the “lost bird project” and “conservation science nights”. Fun events like “zoo move and groove “ and “zoo lights” also add to the entertainment value of the place.

2. Heritage Square

Heritage square date back to the 1800s and depicts the victorian history of Phoenix city. Rosson house museum is the major highlight of the square. This was home to Queen Anne in 1895. The square reflects multiple parameters like history, culture, food, and technology. Heritage Square is a tribute to Piipash and O’odham people as it is built on their old territory.

Heritage square has a science park in its vicinity. The Arizona science center is a great place to explore mummies, astronauts, dinosaurs, etc. Heritage Square offers the best food in Arizona after all the hunt of the area you can have some great meals at the restaurants like Pizzeria Bianco and teeter carriage house etc.

3. Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is a treat for people who love to hike and enjoy beautiful terrains on a mountain. The top of the summit looks like the hump of the camel that's why it is called a camelback mountain. Two hiking trails that have a height of 1420 feet lead the way up to the top of the summit. The area became a city park in 1968 and by then is home to many hikers annually.

Cholla and Echo canyon trails are very difficult and challenging tracks for hikers as they as they are exposed to hard rocks. At this park, visitors can experience a diversity of the flora and fauna of Arizona. Hikers can see rabbits, rattlesnakes, tortoises, etc. Many restaurants are located where you can get a great view of camelback mountain.

4. South Mountain Park

With a land area of 16,000 acres and three mountain ranges, south mountain park is a huge preserve in the city of Phoenix. The three mountain ranges include Ma Ha tauk, Gila, and Guadalupe. The area has almost 50 miles of tracks for multiple activities like hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking.

The smooth roadways in the park are also feasible for bicyclists. Dobbins Lookout is the highest viewpoint of the park at a height of 2330 feet. Silent Sundays are celebrated here to promote jogging, hiking, and walking in the community. South mountain park is a great place to visit as it gives eye-catching mountain views with amazing recreational activities.

5. Heard Museum

The museum was founded in 1929 to exhibit the cultural and artistic values of the valley through different exhibits. The museum focuses on the presentation of American-Indian art through different festivals and events. Exhibitions are held to display artwork depicting the history of the world and the region. Photography, sculptures, and drawings related to different themes are presented here from time to time.

Performing arts are also given importance with the help of lectures and films. The museum also focuses on arranging different programs to understand different cultures, people, and art styles around the globe. The museum acclaims to attract 40,000 visitors annually to different events and programs

6. Japanese Friendship garden

Gardens and parks are on the list of visitors for a calm and serene vacation. The Japnese Garden came into existence in 1987 as a bond of love between Japan and America. The Garden specifically reflected the bond between the people of Phoneix and Himeji. The garden covers a land area of 3.5 acres and includes a tea garden and a tea house.

The park is beautifully designed with almost 50 different varieties of plants and 1500 hand-picked rocks and stones that are beautifully seated in the garden. The 12 feet waterfall gives the park the best views of the water and lush green gardens. The Koi pond has a huge variety of fish.

So on your visit to this garden, you can have the best day spent in the city of Phoenix with a tranquail environment. Chanoyu is referred to as Japnese tea, so you can also have your Japnese style tea moment while visiting the park.

7. Phoneix Art Museum

Phoenix art museum is considered the largest art museum in the southwestern united states. The museum keeps almost 20,000 objects and entertains 300,000 guests. Paintings, artworks, and artifacts from national and international artists are presented here. Gods and mortals(depicting Indian art), beauty and function(Japnese folk art ), and Princely states of Punjab are different exhibitions that show the encouragement of international cultures in Phoenix city. “The object of the month” and “story time” in the garden are a few events that are held by the museum to reflect on the importance of art and artists.

Plan a visit to Phoenix art museum and learn about international and local art and culture with some memorable experiences through your stroll in the museum galleries.

8. Canyon Lake and Desert steamboat

Located on Apache trail, canyon lake is a beautiful lake in Phoenix that gives multiple reasons to visit it. The steamboat cruise rides can help you to have a great tour with breathtaking views of the lake. Sky-high mountains around the lake give a heavenly look to the place. Desert sheep and eagles are seen on your ride on a steamboat. The desert flora has a variety of cacti plants which you can witness while enjoying the ride of the lake. You can also enjoy a great dinner party at canyon lake known as twilight dinner.

9.  Wrigley Mansion

William Wrigley Jr built the mansion and gifted it to his wife on the 50th anniversary. The mansion is located at top of the hill so this place gives a panoramic view of the mountains and the city.

The place has a unique classical interior with a beautiful sitting area and you can have a wonderful dining experience while visiting the place. The place offers tours of the mansion, live jazz Fridays, and Sunday brunch. With a huge variety of food, beverages, and desserts the place is a must-visit for phoenix visitors.

10. Musical Instrument Museum

For music lovers, this place is a huge treat as it features multiple classical musical instruments. The museum has almost 8,000 instruments from 200 countries of the world. The music is a language of love and harmony among the cultures and people of the world, the museum focuses on all of these aspects to bring people closer. Museum also arranges concerts in which different artists perform live, almost 300 concerts per year are arranged here.

A huge variety of Pianos, flutes, keyboards, violins, Veena, and sitar are presented for the visitor's interest. Exhibitions, dance events, and singing events are held to entertain visitors. Plan your visit to this unique museum and increase your knowledge and interest in music.

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