Ahwatukee, Phoenix: 10 Places Recommended in Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee is an urban village with a land area of 35.8 square miles with almost 88,500 people living in it. From the east side, Chandler and Tempe are linked to the village and the south mountain and Gila river are present on the western and southern part. With the strong educational system, livelihood facilities, and stable economy this is a great area to live in Arizona.

Why is Ahwatukee famous?

Ahwatukee is known as the urban village of  Phoenix. It is located at the base of south mountain park, the east valley region of Arizona. Although Ahwatukee is a small community but offers excellent fun activities to the visitors like golf, hiking, biking, horse riding, etc. Shopping malls, food outlets, and great vacation places add up to the value of Ahwatukee foothills. If you are planning your visit to this eye-catching village this article is for you. We are listing the 10 best places you can visit in Ahwatukee to make your visit a memorable one. Let’s begin the quest;

1. Urban Air adventure park

The best indoor adventure park that offers thrilling adventures and rides to the kids so they can have the best day. Jumping, climbing, and different types of thrill rides are present for the kids. They also arrange kids' birthday parties so if your little one's birthday is coming during your stay at Ahwakutee you can celebrate with urban Air adventure park and give them an amazing experience for a lifetime. Battle beams, sky riders, climbing walls and rope courses, etc are present for the enjoyment of kids. To refuel your stomach a cafe is waiting for you in the park where you can enjoy pizza, ice creams, beverages, etc with your family.

2. Ahwatukee Farmers Market

The market has fresh food products, herbs, flowers, natural meats, seafood, etc. With a great variety of arts and crafts, the market is a great place to visit from a tourist point of view. The market helps the local community of Ahwatukee farmers who are farming all of this food and goods. The products produced are organic and pesticide-free so they are a healthy option to have. You can visit this farmer's market to get a unique experience in the town and learn about the different fruits and vegetables of Arizona.

3. Ahwatukee Country club

Located just minutes away from Phoenix sky harbor international airport, the Ahwatukee country club is a great place for the sport of golf. The 72 layouts of the play area give such a tranquil environment with multi-layered trees in the deserted landscapes of Arizona. The beautiful club was designed by a legend known as John Bulla. Weddings, receptions, formal events, and exhibitions are also held in the Ahwatukee country club. Visitors can visit this place and can play a few shorts to spend a wonderful day.

4. Nothing Bundt Cakes

A great bakery with a huge variety of cakes is waiting for you in Ahwatukee Foothills. They offer different types of cakes for a variety of festivals. Huge variety of cakes like velvet cake, marble cake, chocolate chip cake, etc. Enjoy a treat of delicious desserts like donuts, pastries, and brownies in the beautiful area of Ahwatukee foothills.

5. The lakes at Ahwatukee

The beautiful golf course was designed by Gary Panks in 1980. The Golf course has lush green gardens with water areas that make it a unique place to play golf. This executive golf course has 44 bunkers and almost 13 out of 18 holes have water coming into the play. Visitors can play Golf and enjoy the serene environment of the area. National and international events are held at this golf club due to its beautiful appeal and comfortable playing area.

6. Arizona Pumpkin Patch

Ahwatukee pumpkin patch is considered one of the best pumpkin patches in Arizona. Picking up Freshly grown pumpkins at the farm is one of the best experiences .children enjoy this experience as they learn about fruit and farming activities. During the Halloween season groups of people come to this place and pick up Pumpkins with their families and friends.

7. Pomegranate Cafe

Based on the concept of sustainable and organic food the cafe offers a huge variety of desserts, juices, and healthy food items. They offer a huge variety of vegan food and claim that they offer farm fresh food to their guests. With a bakery present in the cafe, one can taste a huge variety of cakes they offer. They are also working on sustainable growth and turning towards zero-waste cafes which is a great initiative for world climate. With a variety of vegan food options like avocado, red onion sprouts, tomato, etc this cafe is a must-visit in Ahwatukee foothills.

8. Ahwatukee chili cookoff

A three-day festival is celebrated in which different competitions are held to cook different styles of chilies. Visitors can plan a visit to Ahwatukee during the time of the festival and can have some great chili cookoff challenges. The festival also has great food stalls and games for the family and children. The festival is held from March 9 to 11 every year in the Ahwatukee foothills. If you are interested in chilies plan your visit to this village around this time and participate in the festival.

9. Ahwatukee 24

The movie theater Ahwakutee 24 is located in a strip mall. Movie lovers can go to this theater and watch their favorite movies in this theater and can spend leisure time with their friends and family. Popcorn and some great beverages can enhance your experience of the theater. Due to the location of the theater in the mall, there are multiple food options available where you can eat after watching your movie. The comfortable seating of the theater with great sound and visual display makes this theater favorite of the visitors. Recliner seats are also available where one can relax while watching a show. The latest Hollywood movies are showcased here regularly so you can pick your favorite one from the list.

10. The crypt

To increase the bonding and team spirit between families and friends this place offers great puzzle games. The visitors are given different hints to solve a puzzle, and the hints are scattered at different places and rooms in the area. This is a great activity for families as children learn, explore and work as a team to find a specific object or word, etc. Theme and escape rooms are built for multiple puzzle games. Take your family and friends to this great puzzle game area to give them a unique experience.

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