Avondale Travel Guide: 10 Best Things to Do in Avondale

Avondale Travel Guide: 10 Best Things to Do in Avondale, AZ

Famous for commerce and trade from historic times, the City of Avondale was incorporated in December 1946. Cotton farming, railroads, and architecture were the major industries in the city from the beginning. In recent times the city had shown great growth patterns both in the residential and commercial sectors.

Why is Avondale Famous?

Avondale (City of Arizona state), is a densely populated suburban area with a population of 90,000. Avondale was known as the earliest stage station as it was providing a way from Tucson to northern Arizona and California. The mouth-watering dining styles and the casual atmosphere of the city makes it famous and enjoyable. The major population of the city includes Polish and Latino residents. With amazing food options like Mexican and great coffee shops, Avondale gives a nice vibe to the visitors. Down below we are listing the 10 best places you can visit during your tour of Avondale. Let’s dig in;

1. Avondale Public Library

Books are best friends for life and libraries help to increase the love of reading and books among the public. Avondale public library was started as a school library with almost 50 books in 1930. With continued growth and development, the library became a public library and now it provides many services to the community. One can find books, magazines, novels, and virtual services. Many events and programs are held in the library regularly to inculcate the habit of reading among kids and adults. If you are a book lover give this place a try to read or purchase a few of your favorite writers or storytellers.

2. Historic Avondale Area

A stroll down the streets of Historic Avondale gives you a sneak peek of the city. Many restaurants and cafes are present here where you can sit and feel the vibe of the city. Many cultural events of the city take place here. Bakeries with some mouth-watering local desserts and great authentic Mexican food can be found in this area. The site also has many shopping outlets where you can shop for your favorite items.

3. Coldwater Golf Club

Located in the valley of Avondale the cold water golf club offers a great playing area and facilities for golfers. The elevated tee shots, deep holes, and fairways all are brilliantly designed by Forrest Richardson. Lush green golf course offers great scenic beauty and provides the best background for banquet events or other parties. Arizona is known as the hub of the best Golf clubs so never miss the chance to golf around on beautiful courses.

4. American Sports Center Avondale

The center is the largest indoor facility in the whole state of Arizona. With 6 volleyball courts,2 indoor soccer fields, and 4 basketball courts the place is a huge treat for sports lovers. You can watch different tournaments or leagues that are held here throughout the year. They offer different types of games for adults and youth and train them accordingly. They are also open to arranging parties and events on request from the public. Explore the center of American sports while your trip to Avondale, Arizona.

5. Phoenix International Raceway

Located on the outskirts of Avondale it is an international raceway for cars. The track was opened in 1964  with a length of 1 mile in an oval shape. Located near a hillside the view is spectacular, and visitors can spend a great day watching their favorite cars racing. Exciting events like “Relentless beats”, “General Tire 150”, and “United Rentals 200”, take place from time to time. Racing cars of various models are a major attraction for car lovers at the raceway.

6. Monument Hill

Arizona is full of nature’s treasures be it deserts or mountains. Monument hill located in the city of Avondale offers some tremendous views from the top. With a monument at the top, the hill is a 150-foot steep hike. The 360-degree view at the top presents the breathtaking view of “the valley of the sun”. The swirling water of the Gila river seen from the top gives panoramic views of the valley. One side of the hill gives a great view of the raceway where you can see some great car racing. The hill provides a nice track to hike and walk.

7. St.Thomas Aquinas Church

Worship places in any area show the religious history and values of the place. St. Thomas Aquinas church is one of the major churches of the city. The contemporary and classical construction style of this church is a treat to the eyes. Visitors are attracted to the aesthetic beauty of the place and its tranquil environment gives peace to the soul. The beautiful dome and artistic work on the walls of the church make a nice display. The priest and religious people are there to answer your questions related to the church or the religion.

8. Tres Rios Base and Meridian Wildlife Area

Preserving the wildlife of Avondale city, the Tres Rios base area is a hotspot of nature. Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds all are seen in this eco-friendly habitat located near monument hill. Tres Rios nature festival is held every march, where visitors can enjoy some thrilling activities like canoeing on the river, bird watching, and entertainment sessions like musical concerts. A nature hike to experience beautiful birds like sparrows, parrots, and pigeons is also arranged in the early morning. Tres Rios is host to almost 150 different species of birds. Zipline across the river is a thrilling adventure for enthusiastic participants. Plan your visit to this great place and experience the natural wetland of Avondale city.

9. Main Event

The “Main Event” is a family entertainment center where you can have a fun time with your loved ones. They offer classical games, video games, and 3D experiences to visitors. They also arrange birthdays and different types of events upon the request of the visitors. With great food options” Main Event “ is a great recreational area. Bowling, virtual reality games , gravity ropes, mini golf, karaoke, and laser fun games all can be experienced under one roof. The place is a one-stop for kids and adults so plan a visit to this area to get the best out of Avondale’s adventure.

10. Alamar Park

With an alluring lake and multiple recreational options, Alamar park in the city of Avondale is a great place for a holiday. Different courts and fields are present to play sports like tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. Picnic Ramadas and benches are also available for a nice lunch.  Fishing is also allowed in the lake so get your net and catch fish for your lunch or dinner. Hiking and jogging tracks are smooth and have nice views. Splashpad is also present here where one can get wet in the water sprayed by jets and beat the heat, especially during the summers. The park also has a special area for dogs and pets where they can play and enjoy their fun activities.

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