Shopping Malls in Islamabad (Islamabad Travel Guide)

shopping malls in islamabad ( Islamabad travel guide ) travelling hopper

Shopaholics say “happiness is not in the money it's in the shopping “. Many people love to buy different things whenever they visit a city. Here we are walking you through different commercial centers in Islamabad. This article will answer your question of where you can stop to shop in Islamabad?

1. Jinnah Supermarket

Named after the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Jinnah supermarket is located in the F-7 sector of Islamabad. Jinnah supermarket has all the national (alkaram studio, Gul Ahmed and illusions ) and international brands  (The body shop and  Levis, etc  ) where you can buy shoes, clothes, and different types of jewelry.


Jinnah supermarket has some amazing food courts that offer you Pakistani, continental, and Chinese food. Local vendors have small stalls of tea, coffee, ice cream, and popcorn.

2. Super Market

The supermarket is located in the F-6 sector of Islamabad. This market was established by CDA in 1970. This place offers a large variety of local(Ethnic, Bonanza, and outfitters) and international brands (Nike, Pizza hut, etc ). In the evening many visitors come to the shopping and dine out.

3. Abpara Market

Abpara market is a great option for shopping at affordable prices. This market has a huge crowd of local people of Islamabad shopping for shoes, jewellery, and clothes.


This place has different food stalls on the streets like french fries, popcorn, and cotton candy. Small restaurants are also available in this area where visitors can enjoy their meals. Abpara market has different banks and offices located in the area.

4.Itwar(sunday bazar) Bazar

Itwar Bazar or Sunday Bazar is usually open on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. These bazaars are present in different sectors of Islamabad like G-11 and H-9 and Peshawar Mor. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and different food items are present in this Bazar at affordable prices.


Sunday  Bazar has used clothes, shoes, and bags that are imported from different countries. People with a low budget can purchase all of these things without burdening their pockets.

5. Karachi Company Bazar

Karachi company commonly known as G-9 Markaz is one of the busiest shopping hubs in Islamabad. This place has a lot of shops for local clothes stitched and unstitched both for children and elders.

G-9 Markaz has a bus stand for intercity traveling. People use this local transport system to travel to different cities like Lahore, Mansehra, and Faisalabad from Islamabad

6. The Centaurus Mall

Built on international design, Centaurus Mall is a one-stop for shopping. This was launched in 2011 and it has three skyscrapers and 23 floors.   This is a multistory building and has all the national and international brands. This place has an amazing food court that has all types of cuisine and local and international food chains.The Centaurus mall has floors for residential areas, corporate offices, and hotels.

On one of the top floors of the Centaurus mall, there is a huge play area for children and adults where they can enjoy to play different games and enjoy different rides. various international brands can be spotted in Centaurus like, Charles & Keith, Levi's, Adidas, and Nike.

Local brands like Stylo, Khaddi, Junaid Jamshed, and Gul Ahmed are also present in this mall. The Centaurus mall is crowded because people love the idea that they can find everything under one roof like the grocery store, chemists, clothing brands, and other items.

7. Safa Gold Mall

This mall was established in 2010 and it is located in sector F-7 OF Islamabad. Safa gold mall is also built on the idea of everything under one roof. So people enjoy buying designer clothes, shoes, and jewellery.


Four stories of the mall are completed and others are under construction. the management of safa gold mall is planning to build a swimming pool, sauna, and a cinema inside the mall.

8. Giga Mall

Giga mall was launched in 2016 and this building is part of the association of the world trade centre. This is located in DHA Phase II (defence housing society )on the main GT road Islamabad. This mall has 4 floors for shopping and the fifth floor is the office area. It has also a great four-star hotel in it.

Giga mall also has a great food court where visitors can enjoy different types of meals like icecreams, burgers, pizzas, and desi food like biryani, and chicken karahi. Famous Pakistani brands are present inside the Giga Mall like khadi limelight, Beechtree, and Sana safinaz.