Scottsdale Travel Guide: Things to Do in Scottsdale


The slogan of the Scottsdale city is “The west’s most western town “,true to its name many important events are held here annually. Located the east of phoenix, Scottsdale is an important city in the state of Arizona. Located in Sonoran desert, the city has many tourist attractions including peaks, deserted habitats, and wildlife sanctuaries. The Scottsdale has amazing facilities for the community that's why it is ranked as one of the best cities to live in America.

Why is Scottsdale Famous?

Scottsdale is home to all the adventures like luxurious resorts, Golf courses, Sonoran desert adventures, etc. With the natural beauty of the Sonoran desert, the tourists are  attracted to the city for different adventures. The urban-style facilities and fun also attract visitors. Overall Scottsdale is a great city in Arizona with both natural and man-made facilities and attractions. If you are planning your trip to the city  here we are helping you by listing 10 must-visit places in Scottsdale. Let’s begin the quest;

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1. Taliesin West

Located in the foothills of the Mcdowell mountains, Taliesin west is a historic landmark included in UNESCO world heritage sites. Frank Lloyd wright (a great architect of his time ) , constructed this great place in 1937. The residence was built following the Prairie style of construction. The place has got various sleeper boxes along with proper ventilation and protection from the desert sun . Wright used this place as his winter home due to the moderate climate in the deserted area. There was a working laboratory for his architecture work . Visitors can enjoy great sunsets and sips in  a happy hour program offered by the place with your favorite beverage. The place is open for public visits and private events and other programs are held here regularly.

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2. Old Town of Scottsdale

Historical buildings from the 1880s with some contemporary cafes and restaurants give a perfect blend of the urban and historical blend to this vibrant place.A colossal variety of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and museums make this place a great adventure to the visitors of Scottsdale. Due to walk-friendly pathways tourists can just walk down the clean streets of the old town .

3. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museums depict the history of any nation and tell about the historic journey of the communities settled there. The museum focuses on contemporary arts , architectural designs, and display . Located in the old town of Scottsdale the museum was designed by award winning architect will Bruder in 1999. The museum presents many educational programs like Japanese flower arranging, the science of optics, and learning ideas about food production. Different exhibitions and sculptures are presented for public display. Architectural books and displays also attract individuals who are interested in architectural designs.

4. Butterfly Wonderland

Butterflies are loved by every one of us and this place gives you a great chance to enjoy these wonderful creatures. The place gives you a great experience as you can observe a great variety of butterflies in the observatory. To make the experinece memorable the place presents a 3D movie about the Monarch migration. Other insects and reptiles are also found here from different families. The place offers great attractions for the tourist like a butterfly cafe, rainforest reptile exhibit , edible insect station, and spineless giants exhibit site, etc. A tropical rainforest habitat is created for the butterflies in the desert of Arizona. Plan your visit to explore the world of butterflies with a unique set of experiences.

5. Mcdowell Sonoran Preserve

The picturesque beauty of the place attracts visitors to its beautiful terrain in the desert of Scottsdale. Mcdowell Sonoran preserve is a natural habitat in the desert of Scottsdale with a network of multiple hiking trails. The place is considered the largest urban park in the United states of America as it covers 35,000 acres of land . Granite Mountain, Tombs thumb, and sunrise are the names of a few trails where you can enjoy multiple recreational activities with your families and friends. Climbing, horseback, hiking, and biking are a few recreational activities offered by the administration. Beautiful view of sunrise and sunsets in the middle of the desert makes this place a magical one.

6. Penske Racing Museum

If you are a car lover then Scottsdale will not disappoint you .Penske racing museum is a great place to enjoy the different cars from the racing world. The winning cars from famous races are displayed here in excellent restoration conditions. Each vehicle has its own story from the racing world and gives a great depiction of its history.

7. Southwest Wildlife Conservation center

To save the injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife this center plays a major role. Lions, grey foxes and bears are kept here to save them from the harsh surroundings. They also take baby animals feed them with bottles and after they can survive on their own they are left to the jungle. Dear, fox, hawk,bobcat, and javelina are also present here. The center has also a research lab for endangered and vulnerable species. If you want know about the wildlife of Scottsdale, visit this place to see some great animals. Full moon tours, thanksgiving enrichment party, and holidays celebration tours are organized for the visitors from time to time.

8. Pinnacle Peak park

The place offers the best area for visitors to hike to the pinnacle peak in the desert. Scenic views of nature during the hiking give the perfect place to spend a day . The pinnacle peak is a granite summit at a height of 600 feet from the desert floor. The park also has specially designed features for the rock climbers to practice and enjoy the sport. The trail has almost 1.75 miles in length. The lush deserted area is home to bobcats, desert tortoises, and snakes. The peak is also a wildlife sanctuary as it has lions, bobcats and rabbits, and many other mammals.

9.  Scottsdale Historical Museum

To present and preserve the culture and history of Scottsdale and southwest the museum is playing a great role. In 1991 the Scottsdale historical museum was opened in the old historical building of the little red schoolhouse.History of the community of Scottsdale and the little red schoolhouse is presented in different forms.Variety of artworks, exhibitions, and photographs are displayed to show the history of this Arizonian city to the visitors. Different events are also held to encourage the local artists and their art pieces.

10. Scottsdale Fashion Square

Shopaholics never miss a chance to wander and purchase from different places they visit. With some great urban fashion boutiques to some tempting  restaurants, the Scottsdale fashion square is a great place to shop and eat . Events like festive Fridays, photos with Santa, and holidays HQ increase the hustle and bustle of the area. Harkins theater is also a great movie theater where you can have a fun with the big screen. Forever 21 , Aldo, and Jd sports are a few brands one can find here. The place has almost 240 stores and restaurants that offer great variety and diversity for the shopholics.