Visit Peoria AZ: 10 Best Things To Do in Peoria (AZ)

Visit Peoria AZ: 10 Best Things To Do in Peoria (AZ)
Peoria, Arizona dates back to the 1880s when Native Americans inhabited the city and started living along the river. With extreme summers to snowy winters, Peoria provides festivities of all seasons. Morton pumpkin festival is celebrated here as 80 percent of the canned pumpkin of the world is processed here. The Festival of lights celebrated on snowy nights of December makes the winters of Peoria more romantic and wonderful for tourists.

Why is   Peoria  Famous?

The largest city on the Illinois river, with breathtaking views of the river, makes Peoria a famous place to visit and explore. The Peoria riverfront district is known as one of the oldest urban towns in the state. The river, museums, and old houses of Peoria all are full of old historic tales and some great history. If you want to explore this magical city, here we are listing 10 hit places where you can visit and have fun with your friends and family. Let’s start our journey;

1. Historic Old Town

The Historic old town of Peoria has some beautiful neighborhoods where you can roam around and can witness some historic and symbolic buildings of the city. The area is the nucleus for all the cultural and artistic activities of the city. Visitors can find public art pieces, a community center, and Peoria performing arts center in the historic old town area. Walk through the area and enjoy some sizzling hot meals from different cafes like “Peoria cafe” and “The Bad chick”.

2. Lake Pleasant

Lake pleasant park is a nice outdoor park located in Peoria. The park is administered by the Maricopa county administration. The park has almost 10 miles of walking and hiking trails with picturesque views of the lake. Boating, Kayaking, moonlight scorpion hunting, and paddleboard yoga are a few exciting activities visitors can enjoy in the area. The park covers 23,362 acres of land and entertains its visitors with multiple leisure activities. Restaurants and cafes are there to refuel your stomach with delicious meals.

3. Pioneer Community Park

Pioneer community park is an excellent choice for families with children or pets. A vast area of the park provides the best place for families to have a great outdoor picnic day. A playground with slides and swings attracts kids and helps them to enjoy their fullest. Baseball playing areas and splash parks are thrilling activities for any age group. Splashing of water is a much-loved activity during the summers of Peoria. For peace lovers, the relaxing environment of fishing in a lake is an amazing way to catch the fish and have some serene time to themselves. There is also a place for your pets and dogs to wander and play in a specific dog park area. Pioneer community park is your destination for a nice sunny holiday.

4. Arizona Broadway theater

The theater produces great musical hits every year encouraging upcoming artists. Musical performances are arranged for the visitors with some great dinner entrees and beverage options. Their famous shows include “The Christmas carol musical”, “After Dark Cabaret” etc. With special seating and great dining options, this theater is a nice place to visit and appreciate the performing artists.

5. Cibola vista Resort and spa

To incorporate the beauty of the Sonoran desert of Arizona the Cibola vista resort is a luxury resort constructed on the desert theme. Located near Lake pleasant this resort is a great place for people who want to enjoy a luxurious feel during their trip to Peoria. The resort offers you the best services with exciting adventures like fishing, a Cibola vista riding program, and some golf shots. Visitors can also spend a relaxing day by enjoying the natural beauty surrounding this beautiful amenity.

6. Peoria Riverfront Museum

Peoria has a huge history dating back to the 1880s, the Peoria riverfront museum takes you back to ancient times and gives some amazing knowledge about the city. The museum owns more than 15,000 objects and arranges 20 exhibitions on different topics of art, science, and society. International and national artists present their work in the museum on dynamic topics. Dome Planetarium is a major attraction of museums that focuses on space and astronomical subjects. The 3D and instant real-feel systems make you feel flying through galaxies and planets and the solar system in a program offered by the museum. The museum has interactive art galleries along with the Dinasour exhibit. The center for American decoys presents the waterfowl hunting habitats.

7. Park West Shopping Center

Peoria welcomes its shopaholic visitors with open arms, with multiple shopping arcades and centers in the valley. Park west shopping center is a great stop where you can purchase your desired goods. Some great shopping brands, amazing restaurants, and movie theaters all in the vicinity are waiting to welcome their visitors. Icing, Victoria’s Secret, Chico’s, and charming charlie are a few of the renowned brands you can find here. Blu burger grille and Grimaldi’s pizza etc are eateries where you can buy according to your food taste. Harkin’s multiplex movie theater is also present in the center where you can enjoy some great Hollywood hits.

8. The Peoria Zoo

The Peoria zoo is a nice place to spend a great time with animals. The zoo is hosting more than 100 species of animals from around the globe. Sea lions, giraffes, spider monkeys, and rhinoceros all are present in the zoo. Zoo also hosts some great events like the “Easter egg hunt” and “howl-zoo-ween”. The zoo was established in 1955 with a land area of 15 acres. Taking a stroll around the zoo gives nice views of animals and their natural habitats.

9. Grand view drive

The great scenic area with some amazing views of the IIIions river and some fancy homes make this 15-minute drive a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Pavements alongside the road welcome you to park your vehicle and take a few steps at beautiful views of Peoria. Houses from almost a century ago are well maintained and give a picturesque view. To enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of the river there are a few view points where people step out of their vehicles and enjoy mother nature.

10. Luthy Botanical Garden

With a colossal variety of plants and flowers, the botanical garden is a treat to the eyes whether it's spring or autumn. The garden was established in 1951 and covers a land area of five acres. Multiple theme gardens, conservatories, garden gift shops, and numerous events related to plants make this garden an exciting place to visit. The Garden presents a view of a plant wonderland with sunflowers, an herb garden, roses, palm trees, etc. Rose garden, wildlife garden, woodland garden, and flowering shrubs are different parts of this botanical garden where you can see different plants. The garden makes the best background for birthdays, weddings, and other events. Whether you like to spend a day with plants or arrange an event for your friends and family, Luthy botanical garden attracts you with its breathtaking views and serene surroundings.

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