Visit Gilbert, AZ - Gilbert Travel Guide

Located in Maricopa county, Gilbert is a beautiful town in central  Arizona. The city was incorporated on July 6, 1920. Gilbert used to export hay to the world and was known as the hay capital of the world. The town was a farming and agricultural area. It shifted to an economically diverse suburban community with all the innovations made with the help of technology.

Why is Gilbert Famous?

Due to tremendous development and upgrowth in lifestyle and facilities in the town, Gilbert is considered 2nd safest city and the 22nd best place in the country. With its clean, safe, and vibrant environment, it has become a favorite place for visitors to wander around. Following are the 10 best places in Gilbert you can explore;

1. Freestone District Park

Freestone park is a great choice to visit in Gilbert because it offers all types of recreational activities in one place. One can find basketball courts, a  kids' play area, a skate park, a mini train ride, and beautiful baseball fields in this wonderful landscape. Lush green trees and plants of the park render beautiful scenery for the eyes and a peaceful environment for the mind. This is an ideal place for a Barbecue party or a family picnic.

2. Gilbert Historical Museum

Once an elementary school in 1913, the building has now been converted into a museum. The history of residents, their struggles, and the 100-year-old classroom is depicted in 9 rooms of museums. The museum also tells the stories of world war II and shows the participation of Arizona during that time.

From a tourist point of view, it is very important to visit the museum of any town or city they are visiting because it gives a detailed insight into the history. While your visit to Gilbert, take time out to visit and explore this 100-year-old building to increase your knowledge about the town.

3. Gilbert   Arizona Temple

The recently built temple building is a beautiful and elegant white structure located in Gilbert Arizona. Visitors can have a walk around the temple and click some elegant pictures. The church alongside the temple is open for visitors. The priest and missionaries are present there to help visitors to answer different questions related to religion and history.

4. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

To save the ecological habitats and water reserves in the town of Gilbert, an official initiative was taken to preserve the natural resources. The riparian preserve at the water ranch almost covers 110 acres of land area .70 acres of the area is covered with 7 water preserves, that are saved for the future usage of town. The riparian word refers to any habitat that is near the water body. Gilbert has many riparian habitats like marshlands and upland vegetation is present here. This preserve has almost 298 species of birds. Insects, fishes, amphibians, and mammals are different types of species visitors can see here. Visitors can have a walk in the park alongside the beautiful lake and witness fishes and ducks in the lake.

The ethnobotanical garden, hummingbird garden, and butterfly garden are prominent features of the preserve.  Hilltop observatory gives a startling view of the area. Families can spend a pleasurable picnic day at this calm and serene place.

5. Gilbert Farmers Market 

Located in downtown Gilbert, this market is a year-round market that is open every Saturday. Almost 60 vendors in summer and 100 vendors in autumn, come here to sell their freshly grown fruits, vegetables, etc. To induce green living and a sustainable lifestyle in the people of Gilbert, this market focuses on the production of organic food. The customers can meet the farmers and have a one-on-one conversation about how the fruit is cultivated and harvested.

Farmers grow all the fruits and vegetables without using any pesticides or herbicides. Organic coffee, peanut butter, jams jellies, and bakery items all can be purchased from the market.

6. Hale Center Theater

A beautiful theater located in the downtown area of Gilbert presents the art and culture of the town in its professionally conducted shows. The shows presented here, are family shows and one can have a fun time in the theater with some great entertainment. The theater accommodates 350 people in a round-sitting arrangement. Children's shows are also presented here so, take your little ones to their favorite theater shows. Lucky stiff, wait until dark, and sister act are some fabulous theater shows presented here.

7. Western skies Golf club

To enjoy a nice game of Golf, you can visit this lush green golf club located in Gilbert. The Gold Club offers its facilities not only for members but for visitors also. With the lush green lawns of western skies golf club, you can practice by hitting the ball with a trainer. If you are a player you can have a great game with other players.

The golf club offers great food and beverages to its visitors. There is a noteworthy in-house restaurant known as Mulligans where you can have some toothsome meals.

8. Santan village shopping center

Shopaholics never miss a chance especially when they are on a vacation. SanTan village shopping center is a shopping heaven for shopaholics. This open-air shopping center has high-end shopping places like Apple and Nordstrom racks. variety of outlets is present here to shop for attire, footwear, and other accessories. You can also enjoy some appetizing food at renowned restaurants like Martini bar. Blue wasabi sushi and Grimaldi’s pizza.

9. Higley Center for Performing Arts

Higley center for the performing arts is located near the Santan shopping center, and has a well-constructed modern-style architectural building. The center organizes many dances, music, and cultural shows that are full of entertainment and joy for visitors. Musical evenings, night theater shows, and dance shows are held here to entertain visitors.

10. Downtown Gilbert 

A marketplace place that offers a huge variety of cuisines to its visitors. An enormous number of eateries, cafes, and snack bars make it a perfect choice for tourists to enjoy local and international food. One can enjoy Mexican, and Italian to local cuisines here within a close-knitted space. Many street musical bands perform in the area where you can sit with your family and friends and can spend your leisure time.



Visit Chandler, AZ - Chandler Travel Guide

Located in the county of Maricopa(Arizona), Chandler was established as a city on May 17, 1912. Chandler was an agricultural-based economy in historic times. But as the technological revolution took place throughout the world, Chandler also had huge development and dependence on technological fields for its growing economy.

What Makes Chandler famous?

The most important feature of chandler is its input into technology, research, and development. Chandler is known as an innovation and technology hub for so many reasons. Chandler is located at an ideal location, just a 20-minute drive from phoenix sky harbor international airport. That makes it an ideal location for national and international visitors to explore the city.

Tourists can enjoy many hotels, museums, and parks in the city. Here we are listing 10 places where you can visit chandler. Let’s begin the fun;

1. Veterans Oasis Park

Parks are easy and free of cost adventure for any visitor, Veterans oasis park has a large land area with multiple recreational activities. Hiking and biking trails are constructed for the ones who want to enjoy a ride through the park. A beautiful man-made lake is also present with its amazing view and clean water. The major attraction of this park is the bird species as they have almost 150 species of birds.

American kestrels, owls, egrets, and herons are a few of the bird types you will see on our visit to the park. People enjoy fishing in the lake and families come to have a great time in the natural landscapes. The park has also deserted habitats because it is connected to the Sonoran desert.

2. Chandler Fashion center

With multiple restaurants, shopping centers, and musical concerts, Chandler fashion center gives an epic vibe of entertainment and relaxation. High-end fashion boutiques and gadget-purchasing outlets are present in the area.

Visitors can find out a variety of restaurants like The cheesecake factory, Hop social Tavern, chang’s, etc. Aldo , All mobile matters, Elite jewelers, and Sephora are some famous brands for buying different stuff. Different events are held in the fashion center like Santa's winter wonderland during the Christmas season and the Kubota machine adventure for kids etc. For cinema lovers, Harkins theater is present in the center where you can spend joyful moments with your family and friends while watching a movie.

3. Desert Breeze park

With amazing sports play fields, walking tracks, and shaded picnic points, the desert breeze park is full of enjoyment for visitors. To incorporate the reading habit in public, there is an initiative taken by the park administration in which you can walk and read a page of the story displayed throughout the track. Hooded picnic areas provide the perfect place for a family picnic in a tranquil atmosphere.

You can enjoy a train ride in Desert breeze express, the mini train present in the park. A community fishing lake is also present where you can wait for your catch while having fun conversations with your loved ones. Covered playgrounds for children are also available.

4. Chandler Museum

Museums are the backbone of saving and depicting the historical happenings and collections of any city or country. Chandler museum showcases the photographs of the early migrants of the city known as dust bowl migrants. The museum depicts artifacts, oral history, and archival materials that explain the historical times of the city.

Musum also showcases how agriculture was an important factor in the starting times. Arrival stories and Thrift style (that shows the hardships in American history during world war II) are a few exhibits one can experience while visiting the museum.

5. Koli Equestrian center

Located in the heart of the Gila river, at an Indian community reservation place, it is the best horse riding facility in chandler. Mesmerizing landscapes with miles of riding tracks help the tourists to relish riding the horses. The staff helps new riders with different skills and tips.

A beautiful view of the mountain with riding a horse makes a perfect day for a vacation. Wagon rides, cattle rides, carriage rides, and special events like birthdays, corporate, and other special events are arranged here also. While riding, visitors can also see the horses roaming around in their habitat. Overall this place is a great place for spending your vacation with family and friends.

6. Arizona Railway Museum

Arizona Railway Museum is a non-profit educational and historical organization that provides history about the railways of Arizona. This museum was established in 1983. Museum depicts the history of Arizona and southwest railways and trains .

The museum helps you to peek into the historic train equipment, artifacts, and old-style rails that remind you of the historic traveling mode. Children can relive history by ringing the steam locomotive bell and watching horse cars, passenger cars, and dining cars.

7. Mesquite Groves aquatic center

The aquatic center has a river, a bridge waterfall, and a huge family pool all in one. The aquatic center is the ideal choice for people who love to perform water recreational activities outdoors like swimming, water games, and water slides.

A perfect place to enjoy a pool party or organize any event like a birthday or family get-together. The center offers plenty of snack stalls to visitors. A safe swimming area for toddlers and children makes it the best weekend vacation for families.


8. Merchant Square

Merchant Square is a vintage-style marketplace where you can buy some classical stuff. Vintage books, clothes and hats, vintage signs, home decor, and old decoration items all can be found at the place. The square has almost 250 retailers which makes it the largest market in the Phoenix area.

Visitors can purchase unique items, handicrafts, and charming accessories as a memory of their chandler visit. Locally made meat, dairy, and bread are also available in the area.

9. Chandler Center for Arts

Located in downtown chandler, the center has a beautiful building that invites its visitors to the entertainment and art world. The center has three beautiful performance halls; the main stage, the Hall bogle theater, and the Recital hall.

A huge number of viewers can sit in the seating area due to the larger accommodation. Performing and visual arts both are presented here. Theater dramas, musical evenings, and exhibitions of different types of art are held here from time to time. Belle, orchestra, and other arts are performed here by the artists.

10. Makutu’s Island

Makutu means magic and it's a magical island it has huge trees, mysterious caves, and slippery slides. Makutu island is a great place that shows beautiful slides with some great cartoon characters that are loved by children. This is an indoor island specially designed for the kids so they can enjoy their playtime. After enjoying the playland families can enjoy some food like  Hawaiian pizza, Makutu meaty pizza, and cheese, etc.


Visit Tempe, AZ - Tempe Travel Guide

Named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece, Tempe is a city in Arizona, United States. Tempe is located between phoenix and East valley. Tempe is famous for organizing many national and international events of different genres like Arts, Corporate, and sports. Tempe has vibes of both, urban and suburban cultures, thus making it an ideal city for visiting. Due to many tourist attractions, people come from across the globe to explore the city and have a memorable experience. 

Why the city of Tempe is famous?

Tempe was named in 1879, by Lord Darrel Dupa. Tempe is a small city but offers different sorts of fun to visitors. one can enjoy museums, parks, a great marketplace, and modern enjoyment centers like cinemas and restaurants, etc while visiting the city.

Tempe is home to the world-famous university, Arizona state university. If you are intrigued to know more details about this Arizonian city, here we are providing you with some interesting information about the city.

This article is listing 10 top-notch places where you can go while visiting Tempe. Let’s begin the adventure;

1. Kiwanis Lake and Park

With a vast land area and multiple recreational activities, Kiwanis lake and park make a perfect combination for outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy boating, a wave pool, and beautiful playgrounds. Different swings and climbing structures are built for children. People can also enjoy meals and snacks as different corners are made in the park for this purpose.

Kiwanis Recreation Center offers a vast pool that has a water slide, tennis center, gymnasium, etc. So visitors can spend a relaxing day at this park and lake area and indulge in some leisure activities.

2. Segway Down Tempe lake

Constructed by engineers to save Tempe from flooding, it's an attractive lake that offers multiple water recreational activities for its visitors. Tempe lake is almost 4km long,  and visitors are given commentary about the lake during the round tour. Bicycling, jogging, and roller skating are a few activities you can enjoy while gazing at the lake.

There are almost 50 events held at Tempe lake annually,  from Ironman Arizona to great musical concerts. You can stop by the lake pedestrian bridge and enjoy an alluring view of the lake and the lights on the rail bridge.

3. Tempe Center for Arts

Tempe Center for arts is promoting arts and music in all forms and styles. Musical concerts, theater plays, open mic Wednesday performances, and the Tempe symphony orchestra are all presented in the center. Visitors who love to explore the art, music and performing arts of the city can visit this center. Emerging Arizonian artists perform in a series known as 48 live.

Musical programs are arranged with a view of Tempe Town lake known as performance with a view. They also arrange musical evenings and different types of performing arts programs to entertain their visitors.

4. Tempe History Museum

Tempe history museum gives a deep look into the past, present, and coming future of the city. Exhibitions, collections, and research services are arranged to present the history and heritage of the city.

Museum has huge research on the first settlers of the city who were Hispanic families from southern Arizona. Hispanic family album collection is also present in the museum.  Trains of Tempe is also a great collection in the museum.  For history lovers, this museum can provide some amazing information and a historical assemblage of the city.

5. Arizona state university

The beautiful classical building of the Arizona state university is an identity for the city of Tempe. This university was established in 1885 and is one of the largest public research universities.

Many national and international students study at the university. A guided tour of the university can help you witness beautiful historic buildings, delicious eateries on the campus, parks, and different entertainment centers on the campus.

6. Hayden Butte Preserve

A deserted mountain located in the city of Tempe is a favorite place for a visitor who loves to enjoy a hike. This is a small mountain with a steep hiking track where you can hike in 30 minutes at an average speed. Hyden Butte gives an excellent view of the city of Tempe from its top viewing point.

With a few sitting benches and metal railing, it is easy to hike up the mountain. The top of the mountain welcomes you to witness an eye-catching view of sunrise or sunset with a mesmerizing view of the sky, city buildings, and a forest that is nearby.

7. Papago park

The park is situated in 2 cities; Tempe and Phoenix. It has a large area where one can hike and enjoy the natural beauty . This park has diverse features like a green lawn, a deserted area, and beautiful water pools.

A delightful picnic day can be spent at the park without disturbing your budget. Sports courts are present where visitors can play different sports like tennis, badminton, etc. On the Tempe side of the Papago park, a dog park is also present. On the phoenix side of the park, visitors can walk through a zoo with a huge variety of wildlife.

8. C2 Tactical Gun Shooting Range 

If you are an adventure lover and want to have some extra fun you can visit this place to experience gun shooting. Gun handling and aiming your target can be learned with a team of professional trainers. Depending on your skill levels like a beginner or a skilled shooter you are given different types of shooting ranges to practice shooting with a variety of guns.

9. Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

Visitors can have an underwater journey with staggering sea creatures and they can find out about different sea life species during the journey. Sharks, rays, octopuses, turtles, etc can be seen in this large aquarium. 

A 360-degree sea tunnel is made where visitors can have a first-hand experience of watching sea life, and almost 3D displays are presented at the place. Coral reefs and sea plants are also present in the aquarium where visitors can see and touch them.

10. Tempe Market Place

Tempe marketplace is a huge area to visit different types of shops , restaurants and cafes etc. The place has many attractions for the visitors like water fountains,beautiful landscapes, and startling fireplaces. The lighting, hustle, and bustle of the marketplace make it an eminent point.

Striking laser lights and colorful light lamps create a startling ambiance at the place. People can shop clothes ,shoes or other items from the area. Beautiful sitting areas with modern restaurants make it a vibrant place to have a mouth-watering feast. Artists performing with musical instruments make it an entertainment hub also.