Mesa Travel Guide: Things to Do in Mesa, Arizona


Mesa Arizona

Mesa is a famous city in Arizona, surrounded by the Sonoran desert and tonto national forest. Mesa is bordered by Tempe on the west side, and Chandler and Gilbert are located on the south. Mesa is the 3rd largest city in Arizona after Phoenix and Tucson. With plenty of fun and recreational opportunities, Mesa has a great appeal to tourists. The city has a unique geography with natural landscapes like mountains, forests, and deserts. The economy of the city mainly flourishes on tourism income.

    Why is Mesa Famous?

    Due to the colossal amount of adventure and diverse enjoyment activities around the year, Mesa is known as the destination for every season. One can experience huge diversity while visiting Mesa like huge mountains, Sandy deserts, urban and rural rituals, and cultures, happening nightlife to some crazy wildlife. Tonto national forest and the iconic mountain of Mesa make it a hotspot for tourism. If you are planning your trip to Mesa, and want to explore Mesa with an extensive experience, we are here to help you to mark some places. This article provides 10 top-notch places to visit in Mesa, let's dig in ;

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    1. Mesa Art Center

    Contemporary and visual arts are showcased in the center. To appreciate the art of emerging and renowned artists, different exhibitions are curated and displayed. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and different objects of artistic nature are depicted here for the tourist interest. North gallery is dedicated to the work of Arizonian artists, to present different paintings and artifacts. The south gallery is dedicated to national and international artists. Dr. Ruth Tan Lim's project is a gallery dedicated to visual and media-oriented arts. Concerts, family art galas, and youth media festivals are also organized here.

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    2. Park of the Canals

    Van B. and Vida Brinton purchased land to preserve the ancient Indian and Mormon canals. Park almost covers 31 acres of land. Playgrounds, restrooms, and botanical gardens are present here. Picnic tables and reservable ramadas can help visitors in enjoying a lovely day at the park. If you want to have a walk a beautiful hiking trail awaits you in the park. Brinton desert botanical garden has some amazing flowers from Arizona.

    3. Mesa Amphitheater

    The building was opened in 1979 and it has an accommodation of almost 5 thousand people. With its beautiful lawn and central location, the theater attracts many visitors to its events. Community events, exhibitions, and festivals are held here regularly.

    Events like “Breakfast with Santa” and “katastro” are held in the upcoming winter vacation time. Musical concerts at the theater present the best music in the city and visitors can have a fun time.

    4. Mesa Historical Museum

    The work on the museum began in 1940’s but Museum was incorporated in 1966. The museum's purpose is to preserve and present the rich history of Mesa city. The building was an old Lehi school in the 20th century. In 1986 the Museum was established in that school building. Classical tools, photographs, and paintings that present the old era are presented here. Different exhibits like Diversity of Mesa, women in aviation, a collection of jewelry, and other objects of the past have been held here.

    5. Mesa Community College Rose Garden

    One has to visit the place to believe that roses can bloom in a desert. The garden has almost 9000 rose bushes. Due to its unique attributes garden is used by students from kindergarten to college graduates as a botanical learning area.

    The rose garden was opened in 1974 and it has a beautiful view and a nice sitting area for the public to enjoy the blooming roses of Mesa. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful walk with the amazing scent of flowers.

    6. Usery Mountain Regional Park

    With amazing sunsets and sunrise views from the mountain, this place is a huge treat for people who love to have a tranquil time during their vacation. Hiking trails with beautiful vegetation make your hike a fun ride. A great variety of cacti plants can be seen throughout the hiking on the Blevins trail. The beautiful water pond has a nice view. If you like to camp you can enjoy camping here with a fire pit and picnic table.

    7.Tonto National forest

    Tonto national forest Chandler is the 5th largest forest in the Us and one of the most visited Urban forests in the country. Approximately 5.8 million people come to visit the area annually. It almost covers 3 million acres of land and has a diversity of habitats ranging from cactus deserts and sagoura lakes to huge pine-forested mountains. All of these natural landscapes make it one of the best areas for multiple recreational activities.

    Visitors can enjoy boating in sagoura lake and enjoy some great views of the mountains. Forest is also hosting wildlife so spend your time visiting your animal friends like horses. The place has 428 named mountain peaks. Promonotary buttle is the highest peak with an elevation of 7969 feet and Pinal peak has an elevation of 7848 ft. Hiking, kayaking, cycling, and a fun day picnic can be spent in the area.

    8. Mesa Temple and visitor center

    The prepossessing building with a clean and lush green lawn invites its visitors to have a look at it. The volunteers will help you to explore the building parts and know about the history of the temple and the people who were involved in the construction. Temple focuses on the “history of Christianity and history related to Jesus Christ.

    Programs like the Easter pageant”, are held here to throw light on the life of Jesus Christ. From a tourist's point of view, it's a great place to explore and click some memorable photos on the alluring grounds of the temple.

    9. Arizona Museum of Natural history 

    Go back in old times by viewing huge dinosaur structures and have the experience of a lifetime. Giant structures of extinct species and fossil preserves depict the natural history of Arizona. children can enjoy and learn about the history of dinosaurs and other species. Dinosaurs and old-style caves give a depiction of the world many thousand years ago.

    Museum also has galleries for galaxies, the solar system,meteroites, and planet systems. Mammals and reptiles of various types are showcased here. A  gallery named native people of the past shows the people of central Arizona, their lifestyle, and struggles of existence.

    The Cenozoic lobby showcases animals that existed about 3 million years to 10,000 years ago like American lions, toed horses, and fossil turtles. Plan a visit to the museum and increase your knowledge about human life, wildlife, and extinct species of the planet.

    10. Organ Stop Pizza 

    An amazing pizza stop with some soothing music makes this place a favorite of visitors. one can choose from a variety of pizzas, kinds of pasta, sandwiches salads, and ice creams. The best feature of the place is the music that is performed live which makes it a wonderful experience to have toothsome pizza with great lyrics and music. Organ stop’s Wurlitzer (musical instrument ) was installed in 1927. Musicians play the music and people enjoy this old-fashioned piano this place is a must for pizza and piano lovers.


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