The 10 Best Places for Hibachi in Los Angeles - Travelling Hopper

The 10 Best Places for Hibachi in Los Angeles - Travelling Hopper
Are you looking for Los Angeles Hibachi Food then here are The 10 Best Places for Hibachi in Los Angeles - Travelling Hopper

The word Hibachi has a Japanese origin and it means a cooking device that can be round, cylindrical, or box-shaped. A modern-day hibachi is a grill on which different dishes are cooked. Japanese cuisine is generally loved by the people of Los angles and they enjoy the grilling techniques of Japanese chefs. Hibachi-style cooking was introduced to Americans in the late 20th century and folks love to eat Japnese cuisine.

The hibachi grill usually has charcoal or wood burning beneath it,  and it gives a beautiful view of cooking different vegetables, chicken, and beef with steam. If you are on the hunt for the best hibachi restaurants in Los Angeles, we have got your back with the best hibachi in LA. Following is a list of the best Hibachi restaurants in Los Angeles ;

1. Samurai Hibachi Grill

Located on Olympic west Blvd road in Los Angeles, Samurai Hibachi Grill is an amazing eatery. Their entree dishes include a vegetarian plate, scallops plate, and salmon plate.

They offer a huge variety of seafood like shrimp and scallops. Recipes like chicken teriyaki and beef teriyaki are an appetizing addition to their menu. They also deliver their food to their customers through various food delivery companies. Samurai hibachi grill also offers catering services to their customers for different events.

2.HabachiHana Grill

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Habachihana grill is one of the best hibachi in Los Angeles and an eminent choice for grilled food lovers. Whether it be, Fillet magnon shrimp or yakisoba chicken noodles every dish is traditionally cooked by professional chefs.

They serve all their main course dishes along with fried vegetables and steamed rice giving it a traditional Japanese touch. New york steak and lobster plates are a dainty choice for the foodies. Additionally, they serve sauces, drinks, and desserts.

3. Mori Teppan grill 

They serve grilled seafood, poultry, and beef with soup, steamed rice, and assorted vegetables. The main course dishes include vegetable dishes, chicken white meat and new york steak and calamari. They also serve flavorful hibachi-style cooked shrimp pasta. Customers can enjoy different drinks and desserts at this place. Customers can enjoy their service seven days a week for the dinner.

4. Fujiokka Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki originates from the word teppan which means “metal plate” and yaki which refers to “grilled or fried”, so it means grilled on a metal plate. Fujioka teppanyaki is a Japanese-style hibachi catering in los angels and best hibachi in Los Angeles catering food cooking facility that gives you the original taste of Japanese grilling in the city of Los Angeles. They use a special kind of fresh beef known as wagyu beef which is famous for its flavor and richness. 

Hibachi in LA - Fujioka teppanyaki has an amazing menu from which one can choose their favorites for their event. A few mouth-watering entree dishes on their menu include Fujioka wagyu filet mignon, hibachi scallops (grilled on a hibachi ), rack of lamb (seasoned with rosemary leaves, salt, and pepper), and hibachi chicken grilled with special Fujioka seasoning.

Japanese presenting style is opted, by adding grilled vegetables, steamed rice, and secret sauce. Seafood options like lobster, salmon, and scallops are also available. They offer great customer service as the team of professionals will listen to your requirements and will serve you accordingly. Fujioka teppanyaki is an astounding choice for catering to different corporate, birthday, and wedding occasions. They can arrange an alluring setup for you as they have a professional team who can decorate beautiful events for you along with delicious food.

5. Kappo Miyabi

Kappo Miyabi Los Angeles Hibachi is a great place for people who want to enjoy a huge variety of Japanese food in Los angles. Their famous dishes include sashimi, lunch sushi omakase, bluefin tuna don, and charcoal mentaiko.

Their dishes are mostly cooked in hibachi styles grills and are served with teriyaki sauce and assorted grilled vegetables. Their appealing serving style enhances the aesthetic beauty of the food served.

6. Manpuku Tokyo BBQ Dining

Manpuku is a Japnese word that means “to be happy with a full stomach”. This franchise started 60 years ago in  Tokyo, Japan. They have their branches in different cities in America.

Their branch in Los Angeles has an amazing menu with a huge list of Japnese food.  Tomato kimchi, garlic fried rice, Kobe beef tongue sashimi, and manpuku salads are a few mouth-watering dishes from their menu.

7. Fogo De Chao

Fogo de Chao is located in downtown Los Angeles. This inn serves lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. They are a catering service that can serve different events for their clients. Lunch and dinner entree dishes incorporate Cordeiro (lamb picanha chops ) and frango (chicken ).

Meals are prepared using conventional Japnese methods like grilling on a Hibachi and adding traditional spices. They likewise offer different beverages and desserts. They have different food options for pick-up, conveyance, and catering.

8. Bachi yaki

Bachi yaki is also a Japanese-style eatery that offers different food options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Shrimp, lobster, and chicken are presented in hibachi style with steamed rice and grilled vegetables.

They have an ambrosial vegetable platter with special bachi yaki sauce. They also have bachi veggies that include zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. Yaya’s thicc n juicy noodles are also a mouth-watering choice for noodle lovers. Bachi yaki also renders catering services for different events.

9. Ying Hana Teriyaki

Presenting some amazing appetizers like salmon and avocado salads,ying Hana teriyaki los hibachi is an amazing place for enjoying distinct Japanese-style meals along with an American combo.

They serve flavorsome hibachi chicken, hibachi styles grilled vegetables, and hibachi tilapia. Shrimp noodle soup is also a great choice when it comes to soups. They have dine-in and food delivery options so the customer can choose according to their comfort zone.

10. Hatch 

Looking for Japanese Restaurants in Los Angles then Hatch is blending Japanese cooking style with Californian tastes, the hatch is an amazing place to enjoy different types of food. They serve amazing plates like corn tempura, black fried rice, and wasabi short ribs (grilled beef ribs ).

They have a colossal assortment of yakitori (chicken grilled on a skewer). This includes chicken meatballs, chicken wings, and chicken hearts. A huge variety of beef dishes is also available . Most dishes are grilled in a hibachi-style grill to give them a legitimate Japanese flavor with explicit spices.