Islamabad ( Pakistan ) Travel Guide

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Islamabad has been on the list of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. currently, Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital city in the world. 

"Surrounded by beautiful Margalla hills and naturally beautiful terrain including waterfalls and lakes, rose gardens and forest tracks, Islamabad can become your favourite place to visit."

In Islamabad, there are beautiful mountains, hill stations, lakes, waterfalls, Islands, Safari forest tracks and historical old villages which makes Islamabad one of the most beautiful Capital in the world.

Here we are giving you an insight on beautiful places you can visit and explore while travelling to Islamabad on your next travelling trip.

Rawal lake

Islamabad has every type of tourist attraction in it. A beautiful lake known as Rawal lake is present in Islamabad. It has a beautiful park in which people come with their families and enjoy different swings and sports. On the lake, you can enjoy motor boating and different water sports.

Monal restaurant 

If you want to enjoy modern dining on top of a hill you can go to  Monal restaurant located at Pir Sohawa.

" The restaurant is located on the top of the city and has a beautiful view of mountains and trees."

This restaurant offers local Pakistani food like chicken karahi, beef kabab, and many dishes from different cuisines like Thai soup, Moroccan chicken, and different varieties of steaks.

 Islamabad club

If you want to stay in a calm and relaxing place with all the facilities. Islamabad Club is your destination.

"Islamabad Club is an indoor facility that provides its members with swimming, playing tennis or golf, and beautiful dining setups"

Malls and markets in Islamabad

You can find every type of mall and market in Islamabad. Islamabad has big shopping malls like Centaurus mall and Safa Gold mall where you can find national and international clothing brands, a food court, and a playing area for kids.

Local markets like Jinnah supermarket in f-7 and supermarket in f-6 are great for a tourist to see the local culture in Islamabad. You can enjoy different types of local foods like fried corn, channa chat, and chicken karahi in these markets.

You can also find international food brands like Mcdonald's and KFC in these markets.

Lok Virsa museum 

Capital cities represent the culture of the whole country. Lok Virsa Museum is located in Islamabad and it depicts the culture of all the provinces of Pakistan.

It has a compartment for every part of the country showing art, pottery, culture, dressing, and architecture of the area.

" It also shows the culture of old communities present in Pakistan like Buddhist statues and old civilization sites Mohenjo -Daro "

Shah Faisal mosque

The beautiful shah Faisal mosque located at the base of margalla hills is a wonderful architectural piece for tourists to see. It can accommodate almost a quarter of a million people for worship. 

" Made with beautiful white marble tiles it has beautiful designs. Tourists come here to have beautiful pictures and enjoy this beautiful art."

Saidpur village

If you are a nature lover tourist, Islamabad is the best city you can visit. Along with many shopping malls and modern hotels, Islamabad has a beautiful village in its suburbs.

"cSaidpur is an old village but has a modern outlook. It has beautiful places like a Sikh gurdwara and an old Hindu temple. Surrounded by beautiful margalla hills this village has hotels like Des-Pardes which offers amazing Pakistani dishes like chicken tikka and biryani."

Margalla hills and daman e Koh 

Daman eh  Koh is a beautiful park with many different tourist attractions like a park, safari van, and different hotels. This place has a beautiful view of the city from the top.

"Margalla Hills are the mountain range present in Islamabad. There are different tracks on which you can hike and have a beautiful view of the Margalla hills."

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