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Paris capital of France, with a proud historical background; was founded in the 3rd century BC on an island in the centre of River SeineHistorically, Paris was capital city of a Celtic tribe known as“Parisii”. Today Paris is most visiting capital of world with over 30 million visitors

Paris is also known as “The City of Lights” because of its advancement in culture and the main center of education overall in Europe.

Paris is also known as “City of Love” due to its native French language and beauty of the city which includes Champs Elysees and Eiffel Tower, Parisian Gardens, and It’s Chic streets.

Paris is also known as the Fashion Capital of the World due to it’s trending fashion styles, iconic luxury brands i.e Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior.

Paris Demographics

The official statistics of 2020, Paris is the most populous city in France, with a population of 2,148,271 which is living in an area of 105 square kilometres. Paris is the centre of the region named “Île-de-France” with a population of 12,213,364, considered as 18% of the population of France.


According to The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey, Paris was the second most expensive city in the world, after Singapore, Zurich, Hong Kong, Oslo, and Geneva

The Paris subway is named as Paris Metro, serving 5.23 million people on a daily basis and known as the second busiest metro system after Moscow in Russia.

Paris Tourism

Tourism in Paris is a major income source for France and it’s growing every year as compared to the previous year i.e in 2018 there were 89.4 million tourists visited Paris to explore the city’s beauty, historical buildings, art museums, Parisian gardens, gorgeous streets and shopping in Paris.

“In spite of Yellow Vests Movement (Mouvement des gilets jaunes) and other protests during 2019 in Paris, 90 million tourists visited Paris which is a record-breaking number as compare to previous years and hopefully will achieve 100 million tourists in 2020”


Many tourists visited Paris besides big gatherings and protests were recorded within Paris especially every Saturday at very famous tourist places, such as Avenue Camps Γ‰lysΓ©e, Place de la Bastille and Place de la Republic

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Discover Paris, The City of Love like a Parisian — Based in Paris!

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Here’s the Step-by-Step Guide to be Followed!

Here we've mentioned the complete list of all important places within Paris, by following the giving order, so you can make your trip as the most memorable travelling trip of life.

Read the complete Paris Travel Guide (Part 2) here, and explore Paris like locals.

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