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Antibes (Côte D'Azur) Guide

Antibes Travel Guide - Places to Explore in Antibes (Cote d'Azur) in South of France by Travelling Hopper
Antibes Travel Guide — Places to Explore in Antibes (Cote d’Azur) in South of France 

Antibes is a breathtaking coastal city located on the
Coté d'Azur and stuck in between the cities of Cannes and Nice. It is home to a number of notable tourist attractions, which range from scenic beaches and historic monuments to exquisite hotels and resorts.

"Antibes is a coastal city in the Alpes-Maritimes department in the southeastern France, on the Côte d'Azur between Cannes and Nice"

Here is a list of locations that make Antibes an ideal tourist destination:

Musée Picasso Antibes

Located, in the scenic resort town of Antibes, Musee Picasso is the very first museum in the world dedicated to the great artist Picasso.

Musée Picasso Antibes is Located, in the scenic resort town of Antibes, Musee Picasso is the very first museum in the world dedicated to the great artist Picasso.

"The first museum in the world, dedicated to the artist. Picasso himself donated works to the museum, 23 paintings and 44 drawings"

It was built in the late fourteenth century and was even home to Picasso himself in the late 1940s’. Visitors can take a tour of the museum and take in all 245 works of Picasso which are housed within it.

Cap d'Antibes
This beautiful, four-mile-long peninsula is also located in Antibes. It has over the years been a hotspot for some of the world’s elite, particularly from Hollywood.
Cap d'Antibes

"Cap dèAntibes located between Nice and Cannes. It is a Penisula of Antibes ( Alpes Martimes department) in Côte d'Azur region, south of France"

Tourists can pay a visit to the prestigious Hotel Eden Roc, which houses prominent movie stars during the annual Cannes Film Festival.

Le Fort Carre
Located on the outskirts of Antibes is the remarkable Fort Carre.
Le Fort Carre

"Listed as Historical Momnement 1938, start shaped, designed by Henri de Mandon, and a classic piece of militery artictecture. Fort Carre offers 360 panaromic view of Mediterran Sea and City of Antibes"

Built-in 1553, it was redeveloped in 1565 by King Henry III, giving it the iconic star shape it has to this day. Tourists can take in a tour of the fort or visit the park which surrounds it, where hiking and picnics can be done.

Le Nomade Antibes
Sitting on the coast of Antibes is the majestic metallic sculpture known as ‘Le Nomade’.

"A master piece of French Riviera, created by renowned sculptor Jaume Plensa (Born in Barcelona in 1955) and is in the shape of a man looking directly at the sea"

It was created by renowned sculptor Jaume Plensa and is in the shape of a man looking directly at the sea. It is open all year round to visitors who wish to gaze upon such a colossal work of art.

Marche Provencal
One of the best markets in the region, Marche Provencal offers visitors the finest goods at the most reasonable prices.

"Marche Provencal is covered market on place of Cours Massena and few meters from Picasso Musem. This market offers quality products at the most reasonable prices by local producers"

From fresh fruits straight from the orchard to the finest cheeses and meats. Make enough purchases and you’d have enough to set up a nice picnic.

Navel And Napoleonic Musuem
This remarkable edifice that pays homage to one of France’s most iconic leaders is located at the tip of the Cap d’Antibes.

"Navel and Napoleonic musem is situated at the tip of Cap d'Antibe. Visitors can enjoy a tour of this historical backround musem and things were used by Napoleon"

It was once a fortress occupied by Napoleon in 1794. Visitors can take a tour of the museum which has well-preserved items and artefacts from that era or visit the surrounding 10 acres park.

La Garoupe Lighthouse

The La Garoupe Lighthouse, which is located on the Antibes Peninsula, is one of the tallest lighthouses in the world (about 100 metres high).

"Listed in Monument Historique and know one of the most powerful and brightest lighting systems with a heigh of 100 metres"

It also boasts one of the most powerful and brightest lighting systems. Visitors can take a tour to the very top of it and experience the beautiful view of the sea.

Plage Mala ( Eden Plage Mala)
This is a beautiful and scenic private beach that is ideal for family vacations or romantic getaways.

"It consists of two restaurants and a safe swimming zone which is demarcated from the actual sea"


It consists of two restaurants and a safe swimming zone which is demarcated from the actual sea. Visitors can relax at one of the two restaurants or go swimming or jet-skiing.

Plage du Pontiel
Another beautiful beach located in Antibes, Plage du Ponteil is calm and has a magnificent view.

"An easy beach to access, clean water and entirely free for the public, plage du pontiel is one of the most beautiful, clean and safe beaches for families and kids"


Its waters are shallow for several kilometres, making it quite a safe area for young kids. The beach is free to visitors all year round and various activities such as surfing, wind-sailing and jet-skiing are among some of the fun stuff to do there.

The Villa Eilenroc

This majestic villa, built in 1860 to serve as quarters for the then Governor of the West-Indies, Hugh-Hope Loudon, has been kept in proper shape ever since and is now one of the major tourist attractions in Antibes.

"Villa Eilenroc, situated on the tip of Cap d'Antibes, It has over the years housed various diplomats. Visitors can take a tour of the villa and also hike around the 11-hectare garden which surrounds it"

Musee Peynet Antibes
This amazing museum is also located in Antibes and is dedicated to the works of the great French cartoonist, Raymond Penet.

"Dedicated to the works of the great French cartoonist, Raymond Penet (November 16, 1908 – January 14, 1999), he was born in Paris and died in Alpes-Maritimes"

Visitors can have a tour of the museum and take in some of his greatest works which range from etchings and lithographies to dolls and cartoons.

Parc Phoenix
This park is a welcoming tourist attraction that features an array of wildlife and plants life from exotic birds like ducks and swans to reptiles such as crocodiles and iguanas.

"Parc Phoenix is a 17 acre botanical garden and home to 2,500 plant species and one of the largest greenhouses in Europe which is divided into seven zones"

Musee d' Archeologie Antibes
This museum houses what remains of the ancient Greek city of Antipolis, which is now what we call Antibes.

" Inagurated in 1963, listed on the monument historique from 1930, includes the stone of terpon(Pebble of Antibes dated in 450-425BC)"

Visitors can gaze upon the various artefacts and excavations from an era that dates back more than 1000 years.

Ile Saint Marguerite
This beautiful beach/cove is an exciting tourist destination. Covered by a pine and eucalyptus forest and edged with beautiful coves, the island is a beautiful work of nature.

" Firstly this island was inhabited during the Romans times. The ismand is 3 kilometer in legnth and 900 meters across, best known for its fortress prison ( The Fort Royal)  

The surrounding waters are crystal clear and when tourists aren’t enjoying the beach,  they can also make a trip to an old fort that used to be a notorious prison and hospital in the past. 

Annual Jazz A Juan Festival
This is an annual Jazz festival held in Juan-les-Pins. It has been held for several years and is one of the biggest worldwide music festivals held each year.

" First stared on 7th July 1960 by Jacques Souplet. The annual Jazz festival held in Juan-les-Pins from 9 to 20th July"

Asides from the festivities (which includes a street Jazz parade and the actual concert), tourists can also pay a visit to Boulevard Edouard Baudoin, which contains over 50 ceramic hand-painted tiles from Jazz legends including Ray Charles, Pink Floyd and Stevie Wonder.


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