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 Belgium Travel Guide: 10 places to visit in Belgium

Belgium Travel Guide - Travelling Hopper World's most beautiful travel destinations guides by Travelling Hopper
An alluring country located in western Europe, Belgium renders countless tourist attractions. Belgium is the smallest country in Europe but has a dense population. Dutch, French, and German are common dialects in the country for different regions.

Belgium has a great history in art, architecture, and music. So it is a great place for tourists to visit and explore these aspects. If you need a guide on places to visit in Belgium, this article will help you in shortlisting the 10 places you can visit on your trip to Belgium.

1. Ghents Canal

Ghent-Terneuzen Canal - Gardennice - World's most beautiful travel destinations guides by Travelling Hopper

Ghent city has some amazing architectural pieces dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Ghent canal connects Belgium to the Netherlands, it covers an area of 31km. This canal was constructed in 1824. Ghent canal presents an appealing view of the water and bordering buildings.

"Many companies in Ghent offer sightseeing on this canal where tourists enjoy seeing the water, churches, and striking town buildings. Belfry and Gravensteen castle and other historic buildings can be seen while having a boat tour of the city."

2. La Grand Place, Brussels 

La Grand Place generally known as Grote Market is an amazing area that showcases old historical buildings of the city of Brussels. The area presents a Rectangular market that has phenomenal architectural pieces dating back to the 12th  and 17th centuries.

"The HΓ΄tel de Ville (City Hall), Brabant Gothic, and bell tower are some great ancient buildings to visit in this marketplace. Due to its architectural and historical importance, La Grand Place is included in UNESCO world heritage sites."


The Important ancient buildings like Maison du Roi (house of the king of France), town hall, and guild houses give a sneak peek into the history of Belgium. Tourists can spend an astounding time at this place because it has a lot of architectural beauty. La Grand Place of Brussels is also a great place for photography and videography.

3. Semois Valley

Semois Valley - Gardennice - World's most beautiful travel destinations guides by Travelling Hopper

Greenery is always a good idea when you are planning to visit a city or a country. Semois valley is a lush green area located in the city of Bouillon. Semois valley has some amazing landscapes that captivate the eye of the tourist. Tourists can visit numerous spots in this Valley like ChΓ’teau fort de Bouillon (fortified castle), Pont de Claies ( a beautiful bridge), and Rocher du Chat (cat's rock).

"The  Semois River runs through the farmlands to the awe-inspring hills. Tourists can perform boating on this river. Likewise, this valley renders aesthetically pleasing terrains for hiking and climbing."


4. Beervelde Park

If you're parks and garden lover then you need to visit some of the best parks and gardens in Belgium such as Beervelde park which is a beautiful park located in the city of Ghent, covering an area of 25 hectares. Beervelde park was built in 1873 in English style. The Beervelde garden festival is celebrated in this park for three days. People from different places come to enjoy marvelous views of different plants. Park has wonderful meadows, woodlands, copses, and a beautiful lake.

"Beervelde park bears an impressive “woodland garden” which has oak and beech trees in it. Park also offers a large collection of witch hazel (beautiful shrubs ) that showcase an amazing view during their blooming season in February. A huge variety of plants is present in this park like broad buckler ferns and azaleas(flowering shrubs )."

5. Meise Botanic Garden  

World's most beautiful travel destinations guides by Travelling Hopper

Interested in visiting and exploring a nice garden such as Meise Botanic Garden that is located in the city of Brussels, the Meise Botanic Garden was inaugurated in 1958. The Meis botanic garden has almost 18,000 plant species. It is one of the largest botanical gardens present in the world. World-class horticulture and botanical collection are present here. Meise Botanic Garden covers a large area of 92 hectares.

"Meise Botanic Garden works on the conservation of plants along with research on indigenous and foreign species. Different plant families are grown in this forest like Hydrangeaceae(flowering plant), Pinaceae(pine plants), and Rosaceae(Rose family)."

6. Kortrijk

Kortjik is situated in the northern part of Belgium. This place is heaven for shopaholics. As it offers great shopping centers, malls, churches, and recreational areas for tourists. Food lovers can enjoy some amazing food from different restaurants, coffee shops, and eateries. Broel Towers, Lys, and beguinage of Courtrai are some tourist fascinating buildings.

7. Castle of Veves

Located in Namur province, the castle of veves is a fairy-style constructed castle. Surrounded by round towers castles have the interior of 15th-century style.  The Castle gives out a majestic ancient style of construction along with a mesmerizing landscape. Large rooms, woodworks, Staircases, galleries, and the amazing interior of the castle attract the sight of tourists.

8. Mons Old Town

The main square is surrounded by beautiful buildings from the 15th and 18th centuries, Mons old town is a great tourist attraction for history lovers. Chapel of St. George (1604) and Toison d'Or House (1615) are some great architectural pieces from ancient times and a delight to watch. An amazing building known as the bell tower is also located in this area Which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

9. Meuse Valley

The Meuse Valley - World's most beautiful travel destinations guides by Travelling Hopper

Located in the southern part of Brussels Meuse valley gives a splendid insight into the rural style of living in Belgium. Valley offers a staggering sight with dense and lush green jungle along with a beautiful flowing river.

"Meuse valley has delightful terrain for hiking as it offers scenic natural beauty to the hikers. The valley is also a host to cycling lovers as it has some amazing tracks where one can enjoy cycling and breathtaking views of the river Meuse and beautiful forest."

10.De Haan village

De Haan is a magnificent village located in the north of Belgium. The highlight of the area is its 11km long beach. Accompanying the beach area, there are tempting hotels and cafes, where travelers can enjoy their food.

"Some inspring tourist attractions in this area are Belle Γ‰poque, Villa Savoyarde, Spioenkop and  La PotiniΓ¨re. Tourists can enjoy a peaceful time on the white sand of this beach along with many activities like boating etc. This place also offers biking and hiking on sand trails. An amusement park is also present in the area with multiple recreational activities, where folks can enjoy family time."

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