Croatia Travel Guide - Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Croatia

Let's Explore Croatia; located between southeast and central Europe, the Republic of Croatia is a famous holiday destination for tourists. The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb. Croatia is a small country with geographical diversity in its terrain and weather. Croatia renders all types of tourist attractions as it is full of natural beauty like islands, beaches, and beautiful mountains.

Croatia Travel Guide -  The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Croatia

Croatia has great tourist attractions like ancient history, beautiful islands, and modern cities. Here is a travel guide about Croatia, where you can find out the most exciting tourist attractions in the country;

Travel facts about Croatia  - Travelling Hopper

  • Language: Croatian
  • Currency: kuna
  • Population: 4 Million
  • Weather: Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers & wet cold winters.

Famous Cities to visit  in Croatia  - Travelling Hopper

Croatia has beautiful cities that are rich in history, culture, and mesmerizing landscapes. Here we are listing a few of them ;

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The capital city of Croatia has many tourist attractions. Zagreb is the largest city in the Country. In this city government offices, academic offices and other important offices are present. Major tourist visiting places in Zagreb are Plitvice lake national park, Nikola tesla technical museum, and the cathedral of Zagreb.  Zagreb is divided into 3 main categories ;

Upper town: It is the historical hub of the city as it has old buildings like palaces, churches, and beautiful streets.

Lower town: The lower town offers tourists beautiful parks, theaters, cafes, and restaurants.

New Zagreb: New Zagreb is the industrial and commercial hub of the city.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Meditererran flower is the other name for the city. Split renders great scenic beauty for tourists as it has massive mountains and an alluring ocean. The city has some great ancient buildings like Diocletian’s palace and beautiful beaches like Bacvice beach. Split blends modernity and history in its enticing landscape.


Zadar is a coastal city old city that dates back to 3,000 years. Tourists come to Zadar to enjoy its pleasant coastline and its calm and peaceful environment. Zadar city is famous for its great architectural pieces, historical buildings, and beautiful beach. St. Donat’s Church, St Simeon’s Church, and St. Anastasia Cathedral are a few famous old churches in the city.

Zadar city has also beautiful museums like the museum of ancient glass and archeological museum.


Dubrovnic city is famous for its gothic and baroque-style buildings. The city has a beautiful seaport and is famous for many tourist attractions. The city has many tempting valleys and towns for tourists. The city has many islands where many Hollywood movies are made. The famous Hollywood movie Game of Thrones was shot at Trsteno arboretum a beautiful old park that is just a 15-minute drive from the city. 

Elafiti islands are an attractive place to visit in Dubrovnic.On these islands, you can go to beaches and can enjoy boating and other activities.


Rovinj has almost 20 islands and it is known as a fishing village. This city has marvelous scenic beauty as it has beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, and lush parks. Tourists can enjoy photography and video making in this city. Some fantastic buildings in Rovinj are the 12th century town clock and the flamboyant church of St. Euphemia’s Basilica. 

Zlatni Rt Forest Park has some fantastic activities for the visitors like rock climbing and hiking.

Beautiful Islands in Croatia  - Travelling Hopper

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Nested in canver bay, Rab is a 22km long island in Croatia. Rab has an amazing landscape and its beautiful beaches are an amazing holiday destination. Tourists can enjoy boating, sunbathing, and other water activities on this island.


Hvar is a beautiful island located near Stari Grad and Jelsa. It has a beautiful heritage and culture Hvar is one of the largest islands in Croatia. Hvar has great food options as many cuisines are available on the island.  People can enjoy it with their family and friends for different activities.


Famous for dark woodlands Korcula island has amazing beauty and many villages famous for fishing. Korcula island also has a twirling coastline and is famous for the dense forests around it. You can visit the Marco polo gallery and a beautiful cathedral on the island.

Major National Parks in Croatia - Travelling Hopper

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 Krka national park

Krka has beautiful river banks and waterfalls. Krka national park has great flora as it has 850 types of plant species. It is a hotspot of biodiversity. Skradinski Buk, the water pool is the major tourist attraction in this park. Visovac Island is another highlight of this national park.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This park has amazing sightseeing as it has blue, turquoise lakes with captivating waterfalls and cascades. Beautiful wooden walkways build alongside the pristine pools give an amazing sight for walking. There is a huge variety of plants, flowers, and shrubs that give an amazing view to the eyes.

Risnjak national park

Risnjak national park has huge mountains and wild forests. Home to many animals this park has an amazing landscape for nature lovers. Beautiful mountains are frontline by amazing green woodlands, this presents a photogenic effect. Brown bears, deer, and wild boar are the animal species present in this national park.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful walk with the natural scenery this park is an amazing sight for you to visit in Croatia.

Famous Museums in Croatia  - Travelling Hopper

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Croatian Museum of NaΓ―ve Art

The Croatian museum of naive art is located in the city of Zagreb. The museum has a great collection of art from the 20th century. The place has 2,000pieces of drawings, paintings, and sculptures from various fields of art. Most art pieces are made by local artists but also there is a representation of international artists.

Museum of broken relationships

The famous museum of broken relationships has all the items left by former lovers who had failed in their love life. People send their items like gifts from their lovers or any other belonging like a watch, pair of heels, or drawings and share the story of their broken relationship.

Art pavilion in Zagreb 

One of the oldest art galleries in southeast Europe, this art pavilion in Zagreb has some amazing art pieces. This gallery hosts many exhibitions for the artists in the gallery.

Tourists can find some amazing drawings and paintings at this art gallery and enjoy the tour of the museum.

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